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Nutrition E-commerce website redesign


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ZestNutriEssentials is a company based in the UK focused on becoming both an online pharmacy & an e-commerce store. They have contacted me to help them improve their purchase funnel from the UX & UI perspective which would eventually lead to higher conversion rates. 


Their data on Google Analytics indicated that customers were lost in the payment process and they found it extremely hard to purchase a desired product.


Goal: Improve the purchase funnel to make it easier for the consumer to reach the payment point and provide UX & UI improvements to their existing website.  

Challenge: The biggest challenge was the limited time on the client's side to provide information about their exact needs, about the implementation time & work colleagues: developers, PAs . Also, the limited info about where the users get lost in the purchasing process needed me to use best practices in the eCommerce industry to create the best possible product for the client by comparing their website to other e-commerce leaders such as Amazon & Holland and Barrett (leader in the nutrition industry). 


1. Testing: I have started testing the website from the point of view of different purchasers:

a) the indecisive "looker" b) keen converter c) potential converter d) lost individual - by approavching all these perspectives while testing key improvement points where spotted where each of the users above would have left the website or made up their mind quicker than on any other page 

2. User Journey Flows: the user types above where mapped out in user Cases to illustrate the client where the conversion is lost













3. Wireframed Ideal Purchase Journey: as the client required various identification methods throughout the purchase journey, I have mapped out a wireframe of an ideal, simple and intuitive purchase funnel 


















4. Created a UI redesign manual: by using applied research on button clickability and colour psychology, I have redesigned their homepage (which is key on any e-commerce website as it shows the first impression) and their purchase journey pages 

Ideal Customer journey flow.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.38.52


To improve the purchase funnel:

  • Recommended to take out the necessary login for a purchase, as their motivation wasn't primarily for data collection, but for purchases

  • Use a wider payment option selection: not only PayPal, as with PayPal the user would've been required to make 2 logins until they can purchase a product

  • Reduce on the amount of text placed on their homepage initially - it would contain a lot of technical terms that the average user doesn't now how to interpret & it wouldn't be convincing for a purchase 

  • Place more products & their benefits on their homepage to illustrate the variety they have, instead of the extensive text chunks

  • Use "Similar" & "Complementary" products on product pages so users can be taught on which nutritional supplement is taken with what else 

In the handover process for the client I have supplied them with a full on UX documentation, Customer Journey Flows, a purchasing wireframe and a full Figma file with the complete redesign of their homepage, product category page & product page. 

Through the Figma file developers can retrieve all essential components for redesign.


Softwares used: Sketch, Figma 

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