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All Financial Services. 
One place. 

From its inception, growth stage & currently. 


Rebranded the company's image

Designed the mobile app's user flows, tested prototypes, iterated, launched, re-tested, listened to customers. Repeat.  

End result

20K monthly active users. 

Over 33K monthly purchases. 

4.8 ⭐️ App Store user rating

(1.8K reviews) 

Fintech company website UX & UI Design


Redesign & restructure client's old website to improve its UX and create a groundbreaking UI.

End result

Restructured the whole website, eliminated unnecessary pages and structured categories based on their two target markets: B2C clients & B2B partners.

Instagram post - 17.png

Property management web-app UX & UI Design


Redesign a mock screen sent by a client to be more user-friendly, contain more properties and create a minimal yet, modern & friendly feel.

End result

Created a property & unit-system which is easier to navigate, a categorisation system based on colours & icons and easier CTA system.


Website redesign for
BIM firm 


Client enquired to create a modern, groundbreaking design which would contain the strictly essential information about their services for their customers.

End result

Re-organized the information architecture of their website and created a design system for their brand and eventually redesigned their website. Client was delighted with the result.

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