Pleasure to meet you!

Hanna here.

I have founded Hazza Visual Studio in September 2019 and I specialise in UX, UI Design, Branding & illustrations.


🥸  How would my friends describe me? 


​"Where do you get your energy from?"

"Hanna, sometimes a break is needed"

"How can a little stone make you so happy?" 

I try to be grateful for each moment in my life and see each moment as a crucial stage in my life. 


🐝 What excites me day by day? 


Psychology. Self-Improvement.

Long walks and runs.

Dogs. A book and a great coffee ☕️ 

Drawing my emotions out 🎨

My family and friends to whom I am endlessly grateful 🙏🏼

Industries I designed for

Food and beverages



Financial Technology & Services

Entrepreneurship incubators


Real Estate



Softwares I work with...

  • behance logo
  • medium logo
  • Dribbb;e
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin