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Pleasure to meet you

I'm from Cluj, Romania 🇹🇩, but also more-than-half Hungarian 🇭🇺

I studied Business Management at the University of Bath, UK 🇬🇧 and currently living in Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸. 

Why Product Design? 

For me Product design is the combination of the fields which excite me the most: Business, Psychology & Design. 

After 3 years in the marketing industry, I have seen various businesses not achieve their potential as they were fully disconnected from their end-customer.


My goal is to help businesses connect with their end-user.


Deliver unforgettable experiences, by understanding the needs & motivations of both sides.

Crafting products which are simply a joy to use. 

What brings me joy day by day? 

Psychology. Self-Improvement. Read my articles on Medium.

Long walks and runs.

Drawing my emotions out. See my illustrations on my Instagram.

Deep meaningful conversations with the people I love. 

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