Pleasure to meet you.

My name is Hanna and I am the 'mother & father' of Hazza Design. 

Hazza Visual Studio was founded in September 2019 (fairly new, right?) and offers UI, UX design & Graphic design services.

We've had experience dsigning so far for the Fintech & HoReCa industry. 


I am an 'almost' hyperactive personality with a keen passion for design & helping companies achieve their absolute potential through visual means. 


Most times I see companies with an incredible vision, a mindblowing purpose, who work hard - but they are left unnoticed because they lack the right means to make their vision shine amongst the ocean of visuals and messages in media.

My aim is to help companies communicate perfectly their personality & vision through shapes, colour & shades. 


If you want to see more details about my past experience, head over to my LinkedIn.

Want to see more about my personal life? Head over to my Instagram


Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail about any project you’re currently working on and you need help with visuals :) 

Current clients

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