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un-doi Fintech app:
Share location - The Property Owner's tool


Un-doi Centru de plati is a financial services & technology company with over 100 employees, over 6.500 distribution partners all over Romania; offering their clients services from suppliers such as Netflix, Google Play, Oriflame, Avom, Orange, Vodafone etc. 2 years ago they came up with the concept of an app which offers all the financial services that a bill-paying individual would need in one app. 

Why download various apps when you can have your insurance, vignettes, bill payments and SIM top-ups in one place?

This is what un-doi aims to achieve with their app while also offering financial education for its B2C customers through their social media platforms. See their Instagram for financial education content 


In 2019 October, when I joined their team, Un-doi had a rough idea and some wireframes about their vision on how the app should look like. They tried to contact various designers from local companies in Romania to designers in Ukraine and haven't fully found a UI that would match their modern & positive looking UI vision. 


Client requirements: 

  • Define a modern & positive feel to the app - define the UI 

  • Come up with UX improvements to some of the existing wireframes

  • Define new flows for their new added in services (such as Entertainment services, Invite a friend, Upgrade service) 


Defining the branding & their vision on UI: 

We have started the collaboration with some Design Sprints and ideation sessions on defining the team's vision on the application. As a result we created a moodboard of desired illustration sets, and colour path to be used later in initial app sketches.

Action plan:

1. Created some mock initial low-fi designs to define the clients' vision on the app 

2. After various iterations, we have defined a more high fidelity version of their desired screens which were adapted to their branding

3. Eventually, the company's marketing & product team went through a reconfiguration and the main colours of the screens have been redefined into the final product that it is now

iOS.5.5 - 1 Copy.png
iOS.5.5 - 2 Copy.png
iOS.5.5 - 6 Copy.png
iOS.5.5 - 5 Copy.png
iOS.5.5 - 4 Copy.png

5. A full on design handover & prototype has been passed on to the development team and constant support and communication was insured. Zeplin was used for code handover and InVision & Craft for prototyping

Zeplin handover screens and categories


Full UI Design & UX consulting & implementation upon approval from the client. 

For over 20 categories and 500+ screens in the app in the past year, I have analysed each screen and provided UX improvements on their wireframes and fully designed their UI. 


Un-doi was so delighted by my work, that they enquired me to help them with visuals for their promotional materials and aid in the design of their social media materials. 

The app was launched in the app store in December 2020 and after the first week it already has 15, 5 star reviews!

You can now download the app from the App Store, Google Play & App Gallery from the button below

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